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Roads/Streets of History
Educational Training Action of the 5th Model Junior High School of Chalcis
Digital Skills-Open Sources Action
Our school's action plan for digital education consists of developing digital skills, digital literacy skills and STEAM skills with an emphasis on the use of open source software to master these skills.
SELFIE 2021- 2022
The students and teachers of our school took part in SELFIE. SELFIE tool aims to encourage self-assessment in the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. SELFIE was developed by the European Commission in collaboration with an international team of experts
Robotics Club
At the Robotics Group, students, utilizing the equipment of our School's IT laboratories, learn to build and program a robot using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics package
Statistics Group: The Stat-Teens
The aim of STAT-teens is to navigate the wonderful world of Statistical Science, learning how to collect, process and present statistical data as well as the application of their conclusions in their daily lives.
Action: Connecting with the local community
School plays an important role in the development of communication and education methods linked to the local community, offering students the appropriate knowledge so that they can integrate smoothly into the social and economic environment through a number of events and activities that cover a wide range of students having the opportunity to be educated in a creative way preparing to become the academic citizens of the future
Career Counseling Club
The successful employees of the future
History Club: Paths of History
Let's get to know our city in a different way. To walk in its streets, to meet people and places of its most distant and modern history.
English Language Club: Let’s (b)LO(g)NDON!
A trip-exploration to fascinating London and its history through famous sights. In our luggage the mood for exploration and cooperation, the English language and new technologies.
Action Inclusion and Life Skills
Theatre Club
Exercises of physical expression, theatrical play, improvisations aim to awaken the "physical intelligence" of children, so that they are gradually led to creation, adapt an existing text or invent an entirely their own performance event / work, in which texts and ideas of children can coexist with literary / historical or other contexts.
Music Club
“Shall we form a band?”
Photography Club
“Life is moments...”
Gardening Club
“The silent song of plants”
Chess Club
“64 squares”